About us

Hi! Welcome to The Japanese Bazaar online shop.

My name is Megumi and I'm the owner of the shop. My husband is Danish and I'm Japanese, and our businesses are built around our love for the two cultures: Japan and Scandinavia. 

We (and our two daughters) live in a countryside, about an hour from Tokyo, a little town I grew up in. The vintage products on this online shop are mostly found in our area. They are well kept, and many of them have designs that are no longer made. 

New products have their own charms as well. Even though they are often mass-produced rather than handcrafted, their biggest charm is the traditional Japanese designs with modern twist. They will fit in any home. 

I feel that many of the traditional Japanese items have faded away from our daily lives here in Japan, but their beauty has been rediscovered by people outside Japan. I'm always so curious how our products will be used and/or displayed in their new home in somewhere in the world. 

My goal is to create an online market for anything Japanese, and make it reasonably priced and easy to shop. Most importantly, I want you to take part in this by sharing your ideas and feedbacks. 

Please feel free to get in touch for any inquiries and questions. I will be happy to help you. 

Enjoy your shopping!